Sis Ngozi Oparaji is thanking God for giving the dreaded HIV infection, a technical knock out in her sister’s life. She contracted this dreaded scourge in 2013. During the course of her ordeal, she heard a voice that told her to go to The Lord’s Chosen Church. She obeyed the voice.

On getting to The Lord’s Chosen Church, the same voice instructed her to pick sand from the pulpit and place in her drinking water.

She obeyed the voice and did what she was instructed to do (N. B. This is not a required practice in The Lords Chosen). She obeyed and did this with faith.

The next day, she went for test where she was earlier tested positive to the virus and the result this time came out negative. She repeated this severally in other laboratories and it turned out negative.

Indeed, only God can do this. Are you here and you have been fighting this dreaded scourge for years and all to no avail, the only good God who humiliated this scourge by a mere application of sand and water will heal you in Jesus name.



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