DATE: Thursday, January 18 , 2018.

TEXT: Philippians 4:11-13


MEMORISE: “But godliness with contentment is great gain.” (1 Timothy 6:6)


Many people are not content with their situation and circumstances. It is important that we define what we mean by contentment in this context. Contentment means being grateful and appreciative of what we have been given. Acontented person is joyful and has serenity even when things may not be going his or her way. Contentment does not mean that you should not aim for a higher level or strive to rise above your present circumstances and improve your lot in life. You can always aspire and seek progress without being discontented and disgruntled.

Lack of contentment is evident in the life of a Christian who is always prone to murmuring and complaining. Just like the Israelites of old who always complained and murmured even after receiving from God, a discontented Christian never sees any reason to praise God for His blessings upon his life.

They see God’s blessing not as a gift of mercy but their God given right. They often think that the blessing is too small or ordinary. For example, they don’t see good health or life as a blessing so they don’t feel they should be grateful for such blessings.

They also have the tendency to compare their situation/circumstances to other people. If they hear that a fellow brethren has been blessed with something they desire, instead of giving God the glory and trusting God to do the same for them they grow angry and weary to the point of losing faith. Discontentment has caused many to go astray and get into trouble as they try to achieve their desires outside of God’s will.

Aperson who lacks contentment is a sure candidate for sorrow. On the contrary a person who is contented will find joy even when the going is tough. Let us follow the example of Apostle Paul who wrote that whatever circumstance he found himself in, either good or bad, he had learned to be content. That should be our goal as we journey towards home. In all things let us be contented so we can experience the joy of the Lord.

Worship/praise God and then take the following prayer points:

1. Holy Spirit, I pray that you will give me a mind of contentment so that I can appreciate all the blessings and goodness of the Lord in my life.

2. I rebuke the spirit of ungratefulness and entitlement that makes me take the goodness of the Lord in vain in Jesus name.

3. I pray for contentment in the body of Christ and decree that all striving and envy shall cease in Jesus name

4. Dear Lord, I pray that my G. O and Mummy in the Lord and their family; that all their needs be met and your peace and contentmentabide with them forever more, in Jesus name.

AUTHOR: PST LAZARUS MUOKA @TlccrmOfficial @Tlccrm_Official

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