It was all of jubilation, fanfare, and razzmatazz during the testimony of Sis. Rose Isaac. She had journeyed about 150 kilometers with her family and some relatives, friends and well-wishers from Jahun Local Government Area to the State Headquarters of The Lord’s Chosen Church in Dutse with a singular intention: To dedicate her baby to the Lord just as Christ Jesus was under the priesthood of Simon. Ologun Chosen Isaac, her baby, is eight weeks and there couldn’t be any better timing.

Ologun Isaac, as a foetus, was only few months to his delivery when Medical Experts demanded for his abortion. Actually, the abortion was not to witch-hunt the parents neither to take up the role of an enemy of  progress and truncate his destiny, but instead, to save his father from becoming a widower to any attempt to keep the baby. Sis. Rose Isaac would not agree with the doctors. It was like the case of the biblical Esther who maintained that ‘If I perish, I perish.’ Against all odds​, she determined to bear the cost if any.

Sis. Rose, the Woman Leader  of Chosen location in Jahun L.G.A. who not only opened the branch but also constructed it and also coordinates the church temporarily pending the postage of a resident Pastor thereat, is a mother of several children. Having had successful deliveries in the past, she had least expected the delivery of Ologun to be an outlier. The young woman wasted no time  getting accustomed to the felicitations and congratulations coming from the neighbors who are already anticipating the arrival of new born. Her Mother was literally impatient to pay the compulsory post-natal ​ visit. Thanks to the African culture which made gestation period a delight that everyone wants to share in. Life was, as the oft quoted cliche, good.

All that was soon to change. One day, just after one of the visit to the hospital for an ante-natal care, she beheld the health workers coming to her with gazes of pity. “You Blood Pressure is high– very, very high!” They said, handing the medical report to her. “It’s so much high that so that your baby would have to be aborted outrightly.” They continued. Her heart quavered first, then his body joined. The young woman immediately rose to dash out of the office but was denied exit by the hospital management who, out of professionalism and care, had rather insisted that she stay behind in the hospital premises. They feared that Sis. Isaac might die off on her way motioning back home since, ordinarily, her health condition has so much deteriorated that she is not supposed to be alive until then. The pregnancy was obsessed by serial accidents– auto and domestic alike; and the apparent endpoint was an astronomical rise in the maternal Blood Pressure as well as incessant haemorrhage.

Mrs. Isaac had wanted​ to go for a Spiritual ante-natal care in the State-Headquarters Church than to be under the care of the folks who would  suggest a blood shed as a remedy. How hard she tried, the hospital were stunch in there position. Helpless and almost falling to the coercion from the hospital management, she managed to put a call across to the State Pastor who was quick in demanding her discharge. “Instantaneously, the discharge was approved.  It was as if the voice of the Pastor, which they heard through the phone speaker, casted a irresistible spell on them.” She explained​.

While in church, prayer was made by State Pastor for a seamless childbirth and that was the anchor of her faith. Back home in Jahun, she refused to visit any further hospital. Little by little, the news went round the whole community,  and her home turned into a Mecca of sort. An eavesdrop in practically every human gathering revealed discussion about her ordeal. From all corners, sympathizers after sympathizers took their turn to solicit that she give in to the dictates of the doctor. A Chosen sister and close friend of hers who happens to be a health practitioner
further left sour taste in her mouth 
by supporting the decision of the hospital, predicating her decision on her
knowledge of Medicine. “It even got to the extent that some started  mourning my death, but I was not intimidated. I believed the prayers of my Pastor that my delivery would go well. Over and again, I had consoled and assured them that nothing would happen to me. I rather went about my normal business​ to the utter consternation of the neighbors. I wash clothes, prepare food for my husband and children, sweep the house and do other house chores by myself and coordinates the church still.” She said.

All these were seen as crass stupidity by the neighbors. To others, her resilience is blameable to some cocktail of blin-blin preachers who, in there dictatorial and oligarchic disposition, mouths virtual miracles and erode the foundational morass of there laity. She soon became an object of pity and disdain. It seemed that her faith had finally paid off.

About three days after the Pastor’s prayers, the Woman put to bed in her room and without the help of anyone– not even her husband! She did the necessary after-birth  cuttings, bathed and dressed the baby. That is not all: the Blood Pressure normalized, and the bleeding stopped abruptly!

Praise the Lord!

Chosen Online Media Correspondence Jigawa State

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