It was brought to our notice on the 8th of December 2017 that a  renowned online blog (instablog9ja) made a false and tarnishing post about the church. The post titled “RITUAL KILLINGS, TWO PASTORS OF THE LORD’S CHOSEN CHURCH, 4 OTHERS NABBED”.

 We hereby write to let the members of the church and the general public know that this is a misrepresentation of facts purposely calculated to defame and tarnish the image of the church which could eventually put the church in a disrepute. This exact story made rounds in 2013 by unscrupulous individuals for cheap fame. We say this story is fallacious, there’s nothing of such and no pastor of The Lord’s Chosen was involved.

Unfortunately, bloggers who are desperate to clog up their page with false information just brought this up again to deceive gullible minds who were oblivious of this news four years ago.

To this end, we advice the public and members of the church to disregard this story. We also want to use this opportunity to thank those that believed we had no part in this orchestrated story and stood by us all through, may God reward and bless you abundantly.
As for those bloggers and media houses who will post anything for money and blog traffic, we pray God shows you his mercy and we advice you to desist from such to avoid facing the wrath of God.

Thank you
Chosen is blessed
Church management.

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