The whole congregants were enraptured in Heavenly Bliss when the accompanying choristers sang the song “Onye ahụ merem ézé mụ ga-eme ya ézé, é zé ebighebi…, 
which is literally translated as, He that made me king, I’ll make Him an Everlasting King”. This was because of what the Lord did for the families of Mr and Mrs Jude Ezike from Ichida in Aniocha Local Government Area of Anambra State, Nigeria. The yoke of 32 years barrenness in their family was smashed and exchanged with two bouncing baby boys. This indeed called for great jubilation.

The sister whom the God of this Great commission smiled on got married at the age of 16 and throughout 32 years of her marriage, she was childless. Imagine the trauma she’d been through but thank God for the lovely husband, exceptionally different amongst men. 

He endured with the wife. He knew the wife was not barren that she’s only waiting on God and at the appointed time, their stories would be turned around for good. He did not allow the pressure from his family being the only male child to weigh him down. He remained resolute in his faith in the Lord.

Our beloved sister had her first issue at the age of 48 which is almost at menopause; a natural phenomenon heaven does not respect as was the case of Sarah – Abraham’s wife whom God blessed with child at an old age. In her words during her testimony, she said, “I knew I was not barren, I was only waiting on God, she also encouraged other sisters that are expectant to view their case like she did that at the appointed time, God would remember them”.

You can watch the video below:
This confession really caught my attention and other worshippers. At God’s stipulated time of remembrance, she’s indeed honoured, not with just one baby but, two babies. One took after her and the second took after the husband. 

There is no lost hope in God. One with him surely have a future and a good one at that. He is a perfect God who reveals His glory through the ugly circumstances of men. 

Do you have ugly circumstance staring you at your face. May be your own case have degenerated into something that men have written you off or even you yourself have concluded that you will go with that problem. 

Hear me this day, the God that exchanged 32 years barrenness with two bouncing baby boys will remember you soon, as the world is celebrating our sister’s testimony, yours shall follow suit in no distant time. Your testimony is the next to be published in Jesus’name.

You can watch the video here, http://bit.ly/2xyJMDI

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