Isaac Ibrahim is from Kaduna State, Nigeria. He has been an ardent follower of Mohammed until he got converted to a Christian in The Lord’s Chosen.

He was not thinking about sin and redemption, not until his present status. He was not worried about heaven and hell. Having a personal relationship with Jesus was only a distant suggestion of a thought. No, all he wanted was to follow Islamic dictates and manner of worship. Happy to say, however, these ideologies have  all treaded the easily-forgetful path of history.

His conversion is buoyed up by a strong conviction which manifests in his decision to engage in soul winning campaigns. It is worthy to mention that Bro. Ibrahim was accompanied to church by groups of Northeners whose demeanor alone is an emblem that they had had plenty times with Islam, and who were commuted via a chartered vehicle.

Underneath his conversion lies several other astonishing tales. Firstly, he was healed of a sickness that defiled printable description. The strange illness, according to him,  came with hotness of the body, stomach ache, weakness and general body disorganization. After few words of prayers by the Pastor, thankfully, a miracle took place and he regained his health again.

He ended his testimony by expressing deep appreciation to God for a miracle contract he got. It was not a mean contract but one that runs in millions. “When you sum every bit of the contractual terms,  it would total above 4 million naira.” He said while giving the money value of the deal.


BY Online Revivalist media Jigawa state

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