I am a Privileged Youth — perhaps the banner below captures it, a masterful artwork with images of good-looking young men adorning professional wears as a stark emblem of their attainment, even though much younger. Distinguished more by just one name, Privileged, nothing else.

The dictionary defines “privilege” as a special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group. So, when you tell someone that they are privileged, it is perfectly understandable for them to get excited and optimistic. After all, no one wants to be blamed for the shortcomings of others or have their efforts and sacrifices in life devalued.

Being privileged does not mean you are a good person who has everything handed to you on a silver platter. It just means that there are some challenges or struggles that you will not experience simply because of who you are.

Today’s youths, especially Christian youths, has a set of advantages that benefit them, but not people who are not in the older cadre. It shows up in many forms and hues. While not a few numbers of the elderly obliterated their prime in the services of diabolical powers, Idol worship, masquerade groups with little or no thought for godliness, today’s younger generations have services to God as a recurring preachment coming not only from Churches littered in every corner, but from their parents and seniors as well.

There are  times when being a church-goer, even those who are not particularly committed, attracts stiff persecutions by way of battery, starvation, withdrawal from school, social discrimination and worst of all, death; but today, Christianity is treated as the norm.

Christians can get everything from legal advantages, to social perks, like having strangers wish you a “Happy Easter” without even knowing if that’s a holiday one celebrate. One can expect to have time off work to celebrate religious holidays. One can also practice his/ her religious customs without being questioned, mocked, or inhibited. A bumper sticker supporting one’s religion won’t likely lead to your car being vandalized.

Compare that experience with what is obtained in the earlier generations whose life is profiled by idolatry and illiteracy, targeted for diabolical attacks, and disparaged by the attendant repercussions.

Good and encouraging as that may seem, the privileges are yet to fully exploited. Much more takeaways lie underbelly.

This is a program that flits like a butterfly between Christianity and excellence, putting together youth high jinks and the prosperity of Christ’s Followers.
The stories of young Joseph, Daniel, Shedrach, Meshach, and Abednego, as the Holy Bible attests to, all have a similar denominator– they are godly youths who reached their pinnacle with godliness. They were good with words, wisdom and can flash the Scriptures at the slightest temptation. They were not ignorant or under-knowleged of their status in God. They understood their privileges and marshalled on them to reach a height which resounds in practically all gatherings of Christians all over the world even after​donkey years of their departure from earth!

Do you know that such life is still possible? Are you aware that you are the Joseph, the Shedrach, the Meshach and the Abednego of today? You asked me how I knew? Be my guest in this Crusade and the answers would be unveiled. I say COME!

DATE:  Friday 27th & Saturday 28th October, 2017.

VENUE: Chosen Revival Ground,  No 12 Ezeadikwa Street, Off Afikpo Road, Behind Ifesinachi Motor
Park, Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

TIME: 8am Daily



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