DATE: Monday, October 9th, 2017.
TEXT: 1 Corinthians 7:29-31

MEMORISE: And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be. (Revelation 22:7)

The signs that the end is near is all over the place. Every day we wake up to the news of earthquakes, floods, wars, terrorist attacks and many other unimaginable calamities. The signs that Jesus foretold that they will be the beginning of sorrows are all around us. A while ago some scientist warned that they observed that some asteroids are headed towards the earth and that if they should collide with planet earth, the whole of mankind could face possible extinction. We should therefore know as a fact that time is running out and very soon the trumpet shall sound.
Consequently, we should make sure that we are gainfully occupied awaiting His coming. Now than ever before are we to be actively involved in winning souls and working earnestly in His vineyard. There are so many souls that are perishing and waiting to hear the true gospel so that they can be saved. There are so many people that are under the yoke of the devil and are longing for deliverance. Many are sick in need of healing while others need encouragement and a helping hand.
 As workers in the Lord’s vineyard these are what we were called to do. It is easy to get distracted by the worldliness that surrounds us day and night calling for attention. Many will point to work or business as reasons why they cannot serve God. They are tied down by their jobs or businesses and don’t have time to serve God. 
This is a big mistake. It is God that maketh rich and addeth no sorrow. You labour is in vain if God does not bless you. It is also a deception of the devil that you cannot serve God through your work. The way we conduct ourselves in our jobs and business is an opportunity to minister Christ to others. Brethren, time is running out and we need to put the things of God first before any other thing. 
Remember that all that glitters around us will eventually pass away and are of no lasting value. The only thing of lasting value is the treasure that you have stored up for yourself in heaven by serving God in truth and spirit. We therefore should run this race with determination to make it to the end by God’s grace.
Worship/praise God and then take the following prayer points:

Holy Spirit, empower me with the grace to work diligently in the Lord’s vineyard in Jesus’ name.
2. Every worldly distraction trying to lure me away from making heaven at last, receive rebuke, in Jesus’ name.
3. Dear Lord, give my G.O and Mummy in the Lord more grace to finish strong in Jesus’ name.

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