TEXT:  Jeremiah 35:1 – 19, Dan 1:8, I Corinth 9:24 – 27

The path to a successful career is never an easy one, it is characterize with many distractions, trials & temptations. A student who sets out on the journey to succeed in his/her academic pursuit is required to be committed to hard work. The race to success has got rules that must not be compromised, violation against the policy of the race, means failure. There are no short cuts to success in life, if you want to succeed in your chosen course of study; you have to pay the price.  Many aspire to become notable personality in life, e.g. medical doctor, engineer, pastor, accountants, scientist etc, but are not taking the steps necessary to help them reach their goals. Self-discipline plays a very crucial role in your quest for greatness; without self-discipline, there is no such thing as success. And for you as a believer, you require self-discipline in other to fulfill your ministry and make heaven at last.

Self-discipline is the ability to reject instant gratification in favor of something better, and of giving up instant pleasure and satisfaction for a higher and better goal. It is the ability of the individual to stick to actions, thoughts, and behavior, which lead to improvement and success. As a student in the citadel of learning, you are faced with numerous distractions in the campus environments, some of which includes: examination malpractices, dating, fashion, alcoholism/smoking, immorality, etc. we understand that the above ills are detrimental to success. Jeremiah 35:2-5, 18, Daniel 1:8-15. The character of the Rechabites & Daniel shows us the necessity of self-discipline to achieve success. Many students fall short of this subject. They want to pass examinations, yet they can’t discipline themselves to burn the mid-night candle, they will prefer to sleep so much, engage in mid-night calls, movies, chatting or night clubbing, some continues to indulge in one secret sin, because fleshly desires still controls them, they can’t maintain a healthy Christian life. So many join the trend of following the multitude to commit sin, no self-discipline, and tomorrow they hope to be like, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, Larry Ericson, or our G.O, etc.
The reasons for this message, is to point us towards the way to fulfilling our purpose in life. No doubts there are many distractions on the way. We are not the first to chart the course of success; remember that footprints in the sand of time were not made sitting down, if you want to be recognized, you must learn to study hard, seldom play, trust in God and you will never fail. 1 Timothy 6:17

Developing self-discipline is an individual choice, it comes as a result of your personal sacrifices, it’s not wished for. However, there are people, who have got natural traits of self-discipline; some were trained into it, but yet needs the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  Self-discipline is a fruit of the Holy Spirit given by the Holy Spirit to as many who seeks to have it. We know that God’s gift to man is sustainable only by God’s grace (2 Corinth 12:9), so develop self-discipline by seeking after it from the Holy Spirit: through prayer, study, commitment & consecration; then by a deliberate action propelled by a desire to do the right thing, even when it’s not conducive. The life of discipline is achievable only by a youth who desires and is ready to commit.
 The benefits would include: perfect fellowship with God, triumph over distractions, success in all aspects of life, and heaven at last. Proverb 18:1


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