TEXT: GENESIS 13:14-17; HABAKKUK 2:2-3; MATTHEW 26:24A

God has an exciting plan/vision for every of His children. There are many who have no vision and wonder how to obtain one. Others who have a vision are stuck in the mud of confusion, not knowing what to do next. Then, there are those who had a vision but have abandoned it because of discouragement, disillusionment and some measure of failure or frustration. The lives of many do not reflect who they truly are or what they can be. They are struggling aimlessly and are misdirected in life. “A lack of purpose and unfulfilled potential is the worst epidemic of our world.” it’s important that you don’t just wonder through life wonder through life or simply accept whatever fate brings. Instead be decisive and deliberate about;
 What you want to achieve?
 How you expect to achieve it?
 When you plan to achieve it?
These are the crucial question any life that will amount to something must answer.
We shall consider the following points for better understanding of the message.

Nothing noble or noteworthy on earth was ever done without vision. No invention development or great feat was ever accomplished without the inspiring power of this mysterious source called “VISION”.
What than is vision?  It is the source and hope of life: while SIGHT is the function of the eyes, vision is a function of the heart or mind. “No man can go beyond what he can see.” the quality of the picture you carry in your mind will ultimately determine the extent or how outstanding your life will be Pro. 18:1.
What do you see? What are those divine impressions that have refused to fade; but growing stronger. What is that envisioned destination for your life. Every person who wants to travel far in the journey of life must be able to hold a concise and clear picture of what his life is about and where he is going.

The first step to great and extra-ordinary accomplishment is CONCEPTION {vision / mission} and second step follow immediately; and that is commencement. “Nothing moves until we move”. Life will give you what you fight for and not your wishes.” so, it is one thing to have a vision and another thing is to pursue it.
 On the path to the actualization of your dream / vision of becoming an Accountant, Lawyer, Banker and Administrator etc. trials, challenges, difficulty and obstacles are bound to surface; but just as they say; “Quitters don’t win and Winners don’t Quit” so, no matter the “price you have to pay for the prize ahead of you” go ahead give it your best persist, pursue and progress into your next level. You might have failed several times, no money to further your projects and matters arising everywhere you turn; don’t let it stop you!

Pursue “if you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, craw” just don’t stop, fight forward and you will get there.

Always remember it is not over, until it is over, therefore, until you get to that height of success don’t be satisfied with where you are in   the present. Refuse to manage that little manifestation / glory until your dream becomes reality; you are not permitted to relax. Like our master Jesus, our ultimate goal must be to finish well and achieve God’s divine purpose for our lives. However, it is important to realize that we can do nothing or achieve anything without God in our lives. Even after you are clear about your vision / purpose for living and you are pursuing it with all you have got. Don’t forget the bible says. “Without me you can do nothing” so we need:
 God’s presence Exodus 33:14
 God’s guidance / wisdom Proverb 24:3-4, Psalm 32:8
 God’s power

The Presence of God in our lives remains the pre-requisite for our journey to fulfillment and accomplishing our Assignment in life; so if you don’t have HIM (CHRIST) yet at the center of your life, then today is another opportunity to make an appointment with DESTINY by surrendering your life to HIM


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