Shortly after her testimony on the podium, the Online Crew had a little chat with our sister, Chioma Okoh. The following ensued;

ONLINE CREW: Please what’s your name?
RESPONSE: My name is Sis Chioma Okoh.

ONLINE CREW: When did you join Chosen?

RESPONSE: I joined Chosen in the year 2002.

ONLINE CREW: Please, can you share  your testimony with us?

RESPONSE: I left secondary school in the year 2014 and wrote G. C. E and WAEC exams without success. I didn’t pass all the subjects.
  In the year 2016, I registered for waec again. This is because, at that time, my father wanted me to apply to Universities outside the country and they required WAEC results in one sitting.

 Before the release of this result on a certain day,  I had an encounter with the G.O in my dream. In the dream, he said to me “Heaven would rejoice over your success and whether hell likes it or not, you are a winner”.
That same week,  the results were released and I made all the subjects at one sitting.  This is something that was difficult to pass in the year 2014.
Later on,  I applied to write TOEFL and SAT exams.  By God’s grace, I passed both exams.

My father went ahead to apply to foreign Universities for admission. I was granted admission alongside different scholarships.
These scholarships included one from the University that granted me admission, another one also came from United Nations and others I can’t readily list.
These scholarships are to cover fees of 13 million Naira per year.

 ONLINE CREW: You mentioned you applied to different schools?

RESPONSE: Yes, I applied for admission in five different schools outside the country and was granted admission in all of them.  The issue was now to make the choice of the best.  I’ll also mention that previously, I applied for admission in Nigerian universities, I applied to Ebonyi State University (EBSU) and University of Calabar. At Ebsu, I was told to bring #500,000 for admission but my father decided he wouldn’t pay such money.

ONLINE: Please, tell us the University you were offered admission at.

RESPONSE: Okay, it’s the Murray State University, Kentucky USA.
I would be studying Medicine. When I applied for my visa, it was so stress-free as I was granted the visa as soon as I applied.

ONLINE CREW: We rejoice with you sister and may the good Lord preserve your testimony. That would be all for now.

RESPONSE: Thanks and God bless.


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