“Hehehehe! And who says you cannot be beautiful and yet remain a beautiful God chaser”

The above are the words of our beloved sister, Rita who was once enslaved in the world but now a free woman in Christ, shinning in God’s glory.

Here is Rita saying you can be young, beautiful, attractive, successful and still live a decent, godly and bold life for Christ.
I’m not ashamed of Christ neither am I ashamed of the gospel of Christ for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. Rom 1:16. For what shall it profit me if I gain the whole world and I loose my soul in hell. Mark 8 vs 36
The very first day I said NO to sin and Satan. That was the very first day I experienced true peace, joy, breakthrough and success and ever since then, it has never been otherwise. Mat 6:33. Yes it works
A lot of beautiful things has happened in my life, that’s why my smile keeps increasing by the day.

It pays to serve the Lord with all your spirit, soul and body. I tell you the truth.
Now I put it to you young ladies and guys reading this post.
What shall it profit you, if you gain the whole girls, guys, drinks,houses, cars, money  e.t.c and you still loose your soul in hell.
You indulge into prostitution, armed robbery, ritual killing, kidnapping,419, bribery, e.t.c  because you want to make it big and quick..
You dress immorally, exposing sensitive parts of your body because you want men to flock around you so that you can be hailed by your friends as the baddoo, you drink, smoke, club, womanizer, patronise the prostitute, native doctors, cheat, fight, e.t.c
My dear, what shall it profit you.

Hell is a very terrible place. Time is running out. No one knows the hour Christ will come, no one knows the minute he/she will leave this world.
You might be feeling you are too young but remember the Bible says, “It is appointed unto a man to die once and after that is judgement.“ Heb 9:27

Where will you spend your eternity?
Come out from sin and be saved before it is too late.
Jesus loves you and He is ever ready to accept you as he accepted me. You can be young and saved. You may feel you are enjoying that sinful life you are living now but I tell you the truth because I have been there, the attached picture proves it. The only true enjoyment you can ever find  is in being in Christ Jesus.

Accept him today and you will never regret you did.

Ohuoba Ngozi Rita

From The Lord’s Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crews

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