Thousands of people gathered at the Headquarters of The Lord’s Chosen Charismatic Revival Ministries for this year’s edition of THE WONDER WORKING GOD, which recorded thousands of testimony and many surrendered their live to Jesus Christ. During the programme, a press conference was held where the founder of the church, Pastor Lazarus Muoka spoke on some of the issues concerning Nigeria unity.

Nigeria television Authority ( NTA), Authority Newspaper, Vanguard Newspapers,  Sun Newspapers, Chosen Tv Crew,  Chosen Online Revivalist Crew and other media houses were all present to cover the interview.

Below are excerpt of the interview;

NTA CREW: Good morning sir!

RESP: God bless you.

NTA CREW:  Sir, let’s start with the theme “The Wonder Working God”, in every programme, there’s always a purpose for a particular thing. So, let’s start with, why this programme holds?

RESP: Well, whenever God wants to do a thing, He would appear with that name. God has decided to do wonders in the lives of people, by transforming the nation and the lives of people and bless them and that is why that particular topic. I want to let you know that God Almighty have started since yesterday to do the wonders, to testify or confirm that, He’s indeed the Wonder God.

NTA CREW: The election, the Local Government Election is around the corner and as a moral voice, people will always listen to your advice. Now, election most times is made with violence. What’s your advice to the players this time around, both the umpires, the candidates and the electorates on how to have violent free election.

RESP: My Counsel to them is that they should put their confidence in God and must not allow violence because, if they do, it may jeopardize that election. So, the best thing for them is to draw near to God and God will bless them and they will be elected.

NTA CREW:  The Wonder Working God is the theme of this program. In this time around, what wonders are Nigerians expecting?

RESP: Well, one thing that is very clear is that Nigerians should expect a kind of economic turn around and as we pray in this very programme, God will do it. Also, there is need for peace in this nation. I believe that God is going to usher peace through this programme. I want to let you know that His ways are not the ways of man. As He has decided to do this, it may look as if though it is impossible in the eyes of man but, I want to let you know that as life goes on, you will see transformation and wonders in Nigeria because prayer is being made. Praise the Lord!

NTA CREW: Sir, it’s over seven years we had this kind of programme, that was in 2010 and it’s repeating itself in this 2017. According to the scripture, it is completeness. Sir, why did you take that seven years for this programme to come up again?

RESP:  Well, nobody can ask God why. He has decided to do it and we have no objection. He knows why He decided to appear in the midst of His people as the Wonder Working God. I know He has something to do in the midst of His people.

NTA CREW: Sir, in your first and second paragraph in yesterday’s message, you said this Wonder Working God will remove recession. We want to find out, who and who are the beneficiaries of this, is it Nigerians or only the Chosen?

RESP: Prayer is made for the whole world, not just the Chosen. The prayer we are making here affect the whole world. So, it affect the Chosen, it affect our nation and it affect the whole world. So, I believe that God through this meeting will do what He has determinedly to do, to the glory of His name. God bless you.

NTA CREW: Again, I want to find out whether you have any ground to cover because you have conquered almost all the whole part of Lagos area, the East, do you think there is further work to do in terms of conversion of souls, Sir?

RESP: Well, it is not I, it is the Lord. So, the point is that there are still so many ground to cover because so many souls are not yet saved, here in Nigeria, Africa, Europe, in the Middle East, Asia, America, etc.
There are many souls that need to be saved and I believe that, by the special grace of God, we shall be able to touch the whole world and ensure that our vision which is, Grassroots Revival All Over The World, Revival Of The Apostolic Christian Experiences Among The Body of Christ, Revival Of Heaven’s Consciousness In The Hearts Of Believers All Over The World and Ten Billion Souls Mandate are achieved.
I know that this vision and mandate expands till we cross over. It spans till Jesus comes. So, there are many more ground to cover.

NTA CREW: On the state of the nations, there are drumbeats of separation, agitation and there are quick notices and counterfeit notices. What’s your advice to the people agitating?

RESP: Our stand on everything is praying to God and asking God to intervene in everything so that God almighty will be glorified in the whole thing. So, our own duty is to pray to God concerning the situation in the nation and we are praying. We believe that God is going to do what He could do. By the special grace of God, I know that His will shall be done and not the will of man. So, this is my take on that.

NTA CREW: Sir, looking at the unity we are experiencing, what we are experiencing in Nigeria just like you said earlier on, could you just advise us on the way forward so that Nigerians could have a united nation because presently, a lot of crises everywhere, the Igbos are on their sides, the IPOB are agitating, the yorubas. I mean Sir, could you as a man of God – a clergy man of God, could you just advice the government on how to bring this unity together once again in this country?

RESP: Well, there’s no unity without God doing it. So, my advice to the people managing the affairs of Nigeria is to look up unto God to bring unity and peace which we expect. So, I want to say that my advice to Nigerians and all the government is, let us seek the face of God, things will change for good.

NTA CREW: Okay sir, this compulsory introduction of Arabic in schools in abroad, a lot of Presidents fears that this may be imposed on Nigeria even some great men of God have this same fear. Sir, what’s your take as a man of God with vision for Nigeria?

RESP: What I’ve said before, that thing shall be removed and shall be returned as it is before. So, that’s the way I look at it. God will do it.

NTA CREW: Thank you sir!

RESP: May God bless you and grant your heart desires in Jesus’ name. You are blessed.

 From The Lord’s Chosen Online Revivalist Media Crews

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