Below is an intriguing testimony shared by Bro Obike Chinemere in #UMUAHIA2017 Crusade, day 1. His unwavering faith paved way for him.

Between 2012-2013, I was in abject poverty. In march 2013, a friend of mine I was squatting with in Abuja was taking me to where he want to help me with a tricycle to be riding on hire purchase. On our way going, I saw some people wearing apron, and I asked them where they were going of which without any slight hesitation, they told me they were heading to their church’s headquarter where their General Overseer – Pastor Lazarus Muoka would be dedicating their church.

I quickly told my friend with me that I will follow these people so that their Pastor would pray for me, that if I see their pastor and partake in his preaching that I would be healed and my problems will be over. He refused and was trying to force me to go with him to the place and hire the tricycle, and I reply him “if I should go with these people, in six months time, my life will never remain the same, it must change for good!” (Implicit Faith in action)

I followed these people that were putting on Apron, who are the CHOSEN FAMILY where I belong now.

However, when I came back from the program, my friend in annoyance sent me out of his house and I started roaming the streets of Abuja. Within that week, I saw where there were building a house, I begged them to join in building of the house as a labourer and they agreed. I became a labourer there. One day, I spoke my native language, a woman there asked me in my language if I can demolish a story building, and I said yes I can.

So, she gave me the job, within three days, I finished the job and was instantly paid, from the profit I made from the job, I was able to rent my own house, within six months I left my friend’s house, I bought a car of my own.

On seeing this, I continued fellowship with The Lord’s Chosen. As a matter of fact, I am a Chosen till date. Ever since then, God of Chosen has been blessing me with many testimonies which one of them is that” AM NOW THE LANDLORD OF MY OWN, THIS VERY FRIEND OF MINE WHO SENT ME OUT OF HIS HOUSE IN 2013, PRECISELY ON 3RD FEBRUARY, 2017 PARKED INTO MY HOUSE, AND TODAY HE IS MY TENANT.

Chosen Praise The Lord!


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