I gave someone the handbill of our  crusade and invited him to come. And he said “I really love to come o, but since I don’t have the uniform that you people are wearing, I don’t think it will be possible”.

I almost burst into laughter, but I managed to contain it and with a smile, I explained it well to his understanding…

*The main purpose why we wear the ” APRON” is to use it to “CREATE AWARENESS” of an upcoming crusade. And this idea was introduced at the time when some group of people brought themselves out to fight against the Church. If we put banners on the street, they will remove it. If we put posters, they will tear it off…

Then our pastor said, “let’s make the advert of the crusade like a cloth and put it on, and let’s see if they with come and remove it from our body” … And the idea was welcomed, that is why you see “THE LORD’S CHOSEN CHURCH” wearing ” APRON”.

This very system(wearing of apron) would have died long ago because, some of the Church members(especially the rich ones) saw it as foolishness. How can someone wear an expensive suit and wear apron on top? Will it not cover the beauty of the cloth?( this is what they were saying within themselves).

But because God is in support of the very idea and He(God) really wants the people to do it that way, He gave the people a motivation by releasing His power upon the apron.

Whenever the apron is being worn, the wearer receives uncommon favor. When  a sick person wears it, the person becomes instantly healed etc… As this people who has received these miracles shared their testimonies, others who saw it as foolishness became motivated and they also joined to wear it and they too also experienced “Power”.

As time goes on, people who were having sleepless nights, when they wear it to sleep, they’ll have sound sleep like a baby and yoke of having nightmares broke. Some people wears it inside a bus and when they encounter with armed robbers, the armed robbers will tell them “you that is wearing apron, go one side, we are not here for you”.

All these testimonies and more spread even beyond the Church and people who are not “CHOSEN MEMBERS” got interested as a reason of the testimonies they have heard concerning it, and they started requesting for it.

In Conclusion, I want to let you know that
* the Chosen apron is not a “uniform”.
*It is not compulsory that you must wear apron before you attend chosen( its all about choice)…
* Nobody will stop you at the gate if you are not wearing apron to Chosen.
*Whether new comer or old member, you will never be seen or looked at like a stranger if you are not wearing apron…

** There are still more to talk about concerning ” THE LORD’S CHOSEN APRON”…

By Online Revivalist Media Team

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